Thursday, June 10, 2010

So, I believe I'm Continuing

I mean I still can't believe that I'm still continuing with projects, trying to organize things, trying to survive....who told me to come this way. I could've done better with engineering or physics on high school. Why shall I survive as an indie anyways?? Isn't it better to edit soap operas in some Esplanade, Rasbehari or Garia production house and get paid 10-15000 a month??

But still, I'm trying ---------

‘Just think, they never sleep!’
‘And why not?’
‘Because they never get tired.’
‘And why not?’
‘Because they’re fools.’
‘Don’t fools get tired?’
‘How could fools get tired!’

I remember reading it while I was in class 10 or 11. Children on a Country Road by Franz Kafka ended thus. I liked it.

--- Anamitra Roy

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